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''Find hidden gifts and talents that can help you launch your new profession within 90 days no matter your previous level of work experience.''

Whether you're an Active Duty Servicewoman, Woman Veteran, or Transitioning Spouse, herMilitary™ Mission to Transition 3-Day Masterclass can help you make the transition from the military to finding your way home to the workforce.

herMilitary™ Mission to Transition

helps you to employ a unique strategic game plan.

  • Financially prepare yourself and your family for the transition. 

  • Proven solutions that will show you how to land the perfect job. 

  • Produce powerful communication tools that will help you be effective, efficient, and stand out from the crowed. 

  • Heading


    Be prepared.

    herMilitary™ Mission to Transition

    helps you to employ a unique strategic game plan.

    • Develop your strategy and stay on track

    • Break the cycle of uncertainty and start on a new path

    • We partner with you to reach your professional and financial goals military-civilian culture and benefits

    • Learn about salaries, work hours, holidays, retirement plans, and transitioning for your career

    • On the road to success

      This masterclass will help you become more confident and empowered as you prepare for that next big step on the road of life. Whether it’s starting your own business or career, continuing your education, or achieving a personal goal such as living a healthy, happy life through femininity, self-care, and self-love —it’s all about successfully transitioning your military skills and experience-based learning from a military servicewoman/spouse/veteran to civilian!

    You're in control of your own narrative

    We provide you with everything you need to know about what employers are looking for, what they want in applicants, and how they want that information presented. In short, we help you tell your story – as only someone who has served can tell it.

    Build a steady income stream

    Access to keys for alternative workplace solutions to find legitimate jobs online, and position yourself for companies seeking your skills and talents. Strategies to help you consider the quickest way for you to start generating an income. 

    We're with you every step of the way

    Find peace of mind knowing you don't have to face job-hunting, interviewing, and transitioning alone. We’ll help you create a plan with the steps you need to take to find your perfect job and career, and bridge the gap between your goals, passion, and profession.

    An emotional experience

    It's not always easy being a military spouse. It doesn't matter if you've been deployed or not- dealing with the stress of missing a loved one, the sacrifices of balancing work, family, and life can be overwhelming. .

    About Sistah Soldier

    Sistah Soldier is not just an Army Veteran Specializing in HR/Recruiting and Media, she's a military spouse, and victor who has faced her own share of struggles and hardships. When obstacles arose during transition, she took decisive steps every day toward her goal, and now she's living the life she always wanted to live as her true self — a creative storyteller!

    What People Are Saying About Our Programs 

    ''She taught me how to get out of my own way, and showed me who I was in spite of what was in my head.''

    Carla Bond

    ''I'm so grateful for the tools Sistah provided to me, and I'm extreemely grateful she came back to get us!''

    Natachia Gourdine

    ''I was in a bad space. Homeless, and desiring to get a job with the government. Thanks to Sistah and her programs, I own a home, work for the government, and recently purchased a new car. I'm so grateful for her programs!.''

    T. Smith